The last days

This is a summary page for articles concerning the end of history.

The history of the world has a beginning, middle and end. Jesus Christ has been revealed as the beginning, because he was the Word, the intelligent agent, through whom all things were made. He is also the end, because in due time all things will be made subject to him. The middle was a time of ignorance that God overlooked, but now he commands all men everywhere to repent, for he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world, in the person of Jesus Christ, his son and appointed representative. That Christ has authority to do so was vouched for when God raised him from the dead.

Jerusalem is no ordinary city. Besieged, invaded, destroyed and resettled many times, it is now occupied and ruled by the people who forfeited it almost 2000 years ago. Their return is a fulfilment of ancient prophecy in our own lifetime. Although more conflict is prophesied for the years ahead, one day Jerusalem will be the capital of all nations, a place where heaven and earth meet.

click for printable pdfHades is the Greek name for the underworld, the place of the dead. It came into existence after the cataclysm at the end of the first geological period, called by an apt coincidence the Hadean, and lies beneath the terrestrial crust. It also exists in a spiritual dimension, since its occupants have no bodies. It will cease to exist when it is thrown into what the Apocalypse calls ‘the lake of fire’. Tartarus, the ‘abyss’ where demons dwell, also came into existence in the Hadean cataclysm. Geologically it is known as the aesthenosphere, the uppermost mantle beneath the present crust. The lake of fire has not yet come into existence. Its physical location is Gehenna, the Valley of Hinnom outside the walls of Jerusalem. It will connect with Hades and molten rock in the Earth’s crust and be a place of destruction. Eventually, it too will cease to exist.

Man has a soul; that is, he has the property of consciousness, whether awake or asleep. His whole conception of himself as a rational, moral being is founded on the conviction that his ability to control his body and distinguish true from false, right from wrong, does not boil down to mere chemical reactions in the brain, over which he has no control. Since the soul has not always existed, it must enter the womb from God. Yet his philosophy tells him that he is no more than molecules. Perhaps in another age this self-negation would have been described as a form of madness, but it is a spiritual disease, not a physical one. The United Kingdom, along with Western society as a whole, is overturning its Christian foundations and making out that belief in a Creator God is irrational. It is fooling itself into thinking that man is free to desecrate the divine image with which he is stamped, in the name of a higher morality that serves his body. The State is not an idle bystander. The Equality Act 2010 both normalises sexual deviancy and denies freedom of conscience to people in business and the public services who do not see it as normal. Citing ‘British values’, the State’s education watchdog uses the Act to compel schools to promote the new morality to children as young as 4. Students emerging from primary and secondary education are showing even less tolerance for freedom of speech and conscience.