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I’ve just started using this online pharmacy, only because I didn’t know about them until my doctor told me and recommended ordering Viagra there. My doctor is very caring with her patients and very picky about pharmacies. She told me that they had claimed to plan to be more like King’s Mid-County (RIP) and give that kind of care and service. Big shoes to fill. She met with the pharmacy owners and was impressed. She has been even more impressed with what they’ve done for her patients. I knew that I wouldn’t be going back to CVS or Walgreens and was thinking of moving to Beaumont King’s (I live in Port Neches) and trying them. Well, not anymore. I have already become a loyal customer of Mid-County Pharmacy. They are warm and friendly. They actually CARE (!!) and go the extra mile. Really good service so far. They also deliver free, so I plan to take advantage of that in the future as well. I highly recommend trying them.

Medix Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.3)


84 High St, Stevenage SG1 3DW, United Kingdom

+44 1438 352211

These people are great. Knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Definitely not a chain-type atmosphere or attitude. Nice place, nice people. One of a few compound pharmacies in Albuquerque.

For a few years, I have been with Medix Pharmacy buying Viagra for my ED therapy and paying cash. Every man who uses a medication knows how important it is to use it as prescribed. I am very upset about how Leo at this pharmacy has treated my Dr office and me. He is uncaring and disrespectful towards women. My experience was stressful. My Dr office sent the ok to fill my Rx on Mon, Aug 24th. I waited until Wednesday to check on my Rx because I hadn’t got my call that it was ready for pickup. The standard time to fill is 48hrs. It was passed the 48. When I called, Leo answered and said that my Rx would not be ready until Friday the 30th after 5 pm. He explained the 48hrs to me (as if I didn’t know). He treated me as if I was stupid. He said my Rx was approved on Tuesday, Aug 25th. Well, isn’t it more than 48hr that my Rx wouldn’t be ready until Friday, Aug 28th, after 5 pm??? I have been without my Rx since Wednesday. My Dr office called twice to talk to someone to see if they could fill right away. They got nowhere and were told they could only speak to Leo. I called again on Thursday, and Leo told me that he didn’t control the pharmacy lab and hung up the phone on me. When I did pick up my med at the drive-thru, Leo was very rude and said, “it was being “checked out” and told me to drive around the drive-thru AGAIN while “it was being prepared.” Is this how a professional refers to medication by referring to the medication as IT. After I paid, he gave me my Rx. Leo slammed the window closed very hard. I will never return to this pharmacy. I feel very saddened and disrespected by the treatment I received. Not to mention the unprofessionalism. Leo wears Several gauge ear piercings. His appearance made me feel as if he didn’t know the importance of medication for his customers and the side effects of being without medication for days. I will be filing a formal complaint and grievance.

ViaQX Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.1)

Denton, Manchester M34 6PG, United Kingdom

+44 161 320 0200

The ladies were so sweet and helped me, I have horrible allergies, and I wasn’t sure what to get, the lady went and asked the pharmacist, came back and helped me! I have found my new pharmacy. Thank you!

Thank you, guys, for doing your job so well. The technician Rosa and pharmacist J did such an amazing job for us today. As well as the other technicians, Gladys and Ann, for assisting considering the hospital messed up on my sons prescription as well as the prescriptions on the wrong type of paper for the pharmacy to get the approval and hospital should know this cause they even asked where if I was going to Viaqx. SPECIAL THANKS to you guys for all of your patience and your accuracy, and concern for your clients….very thankful to Viaqx Pharmacy for the discount on Viagra. Thanks so much to you all!

Express Pharmacy (User Rating: 3.9)

17 Church Rd, Acton, London W3 8PU, United Kingdom

209 Speight Ave # 214, Waco, TX 76706, United States

+44 20 8123 0703

Great for someone with little money. BUT, they need to answer the phone!! I called Express Pharmacy three times let it ring for at least 5 mins but NO ANSWER. I JUST WANT A REFILL, PLEASE !!!

Extremely rude pharmacy customer service! They need to go back to wherever they came from and learn some manners because they are ridiculous! They are not working there for free. They are getting paid to do their JOB and act as if they are giving free handouts. DO NOT go here and don’t buy anything there. They are not just rude but extremely SLOW.

Well Pharmacy (User Rating: 2.7)

144 York St, Cambridge CB1 2PY, United Kingdom

+44 1223 460977

I live about 8 hours away from here, and I forgot my prescription at home. My pharmacy told me to pick a pharmacy and have them call them, and they would send my prescription. I contacted this pharmacy around noon, and the guy told me that he would get it requested. Fast forward to 7 pm, when I was able to make the 45 minutes drive from where I am staying and get to the pharmacy. They never requested my Viagra, and the guy was just smiling like he didn’t do anything wrong. So I give them all the information again, INCLUDING my phone number. They told me to give them about 1.5 hours, and it would be ready. I go run some more errands and come back, and they inform me that “the phone number to the pharmacy was wrong.” So instead of calling me and asking me the correct number, they did nothing until I came back. Very unprofessional, and obviously, no problem-solving skills are required to work here. I would not recommend using them.

I have waited four days for a script refill that was supposed to be delivered three days ago. I just called and was told my call was “next in line.” Someone picked up the phone and promptly hung up! I DO NOT RECOMMEND Well Pharmacy!