A prophecy of what must happen soon

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The final book of the Bible
An introduction to the book of Revelation and this commentary.
Author’s testimony
An autobiographical account of how he came to undertake the work.
The commentary
1 One like a son of Adam
The Son of Man is manifested as God’s firstborn and as the King of Kings who is coming soon to take up his rule. He is also the ruler of the Church.
2-3 The state of the Church
An assessment of how well each of the churches has been following the Master. An outline of Church history up to the present day.
4-5 A vision of the throne
A throne is seen in heaven, the centre of all power in the universe. The question is: who is to exercise that power on earth?
6 The scroll and the six seals
The birth pangs of the kingdom of heaven in the 20th century and the wrath of God in the 21st.
7 The 144,000 and the gospel proclaimed
Where are the 12 tribes of Israel today? Why are 144,000 called out from them? And what is the meaning of the great multitude seen before the throne?
8-9 The six trumpets
Fire is cast on the earth. Many respond to the gospel proclaimed at this time; many do not. They refuse to repent and continue to worship idols and demons.
10-11 The two witnesses and the last trumpet
Gentile powers again occupy the land of Israel, while two prophets teach the Jews about their Messiah and testify against the world. After three and a half years they are killed and rise.
12 The Woman, the Man and the Dragon
The child foretold from the beginning who would smite the Serpent’s head; the Christianisation of Europe and the return of the Jews to their ancestral land.
13 The two beasts
A second Antiochus at the head of an alliance of Middle Eastern states conquers Israel. Everyone under his rule must bow down before his statue.
14 The harvest of the Earth
A vision of the 144,000 in heaven, then three messages, the harvest of the righteous and the winepress of God’s wrath.
15-16 The seven bowls of God’s fury
The wrath of God is poured out on the world, culminating in the great Day of the Lord.
17 Babylon the Great
The identity and destiny of the prostitute seated on the beast.
18 The fall of Babylon the Great
The fulfilment of prophecies concerning ancient Babylon, Jerusalem and Tyre gives grounds for believing that the days of modern civilisation are also numbered.
19 The marriage feast and the banquet of God
The Bride of Christ prepares for her marriage. The Bridegroom slays his enemies with his sword, their flesh a banquet for vultures. Jerusalem is delivered.
20 The beginning and end of Christ’s reign on earth
The Devil is shut away. The saints come to life and reign on earth with Christ. After 1000 years the rest of the dead are raised and judged.
21-22:5 The holy city Jerusalem
The city that God has prepared for those who seek him. Its gates are open, and the nations learn to live by its light.
22 Concluding words
The final words of Jesus, the angel, John and the Bride.
Supplementary material
Daniel: interpreter of visions
Nebuchadrezzar’s dream of a colossus and why Daniel’s book should be accepted as authentic.
Daniel’s vision of 70 years and 70 times 7 years
Daniel’s prediction of when the Messiah would come and when he would be killed, thereby putting an end to sacrifice. Some time thereafter, Jerusalem would be destroyed.
Appendix 1
References to creation in the Bible.
Appendix 2
References to resurrection in the Old Testament.