Field trips

Ercall QuarryThe state of basic geological knowledge in the general population is dire! We live on this amazing planet, yet we have not the slightest idea about how it came to be and how, at this late stage in its history, we come to live on it. Knowing something of its history might help us to answer important questions.

I would be happy to lead a field trip in the UK if there was a sufficient interest. The best way of guaranteeing that would be to contact me as a group (min. 5), though do write in anyway if interested. The proposal would be 3–4 days (4 nights), though I could offer longer. I would charge for expenses.

A good area to explore would be Shropshire, though there are others (Pembrokeshire, Snowdonia, the Jurassic Coast). The idea would be to book accommodation in a hotel or similar, spend the day out of doors looking at interesting sites (not fossil collecting), enjoy the natural beauty, make friends and learn something about geology – a few basic concepts and a little of the local detail – through talks in the evening. I would also produce a guidebook. Some walking and climbing would be involved, but if you were up for that… .